This article is the response to a challenge from my friend Dave: as a centrist, argue for Marco Rubio as a presidential candidate. The resulting argument does not represent my actual beliefs on Marco Rubio’s candidacy. It is an intellectual exercise (or unintellectual exercise, depending on your politics?). I neither endorse nor denounce Marco Rubio’s candidacy. If challenged to argue against Marco Rubio, I would have done the same, but that was not the challenge this time.

Challenge: Argue for Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida, is both the youngest candidate for president still running into February 2015 and only one of two remaining candidates with Hispanic bona fides. As a conservative, Rubios’ ethnicity is a strength in the general election as he may appeal to voters in the coveted Hispanic demographic. Policy-wise, his ethnicity also lends itself to a centrist views on immigration reform, in comparison to his conservative counterparts. The comparison is important one, but taken together, Rubio’s current stated positions on the issues are definitively conservative. Given his heritage, his past work on immigration reform, and his firm conservative views, Rubio represents a strong candidate in the general election.

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